worldquiet_here (worldquiet_here) wrote in so_weird,

Anybody Out There?

Hey! I meant to join this community years ago, I don't know why it took me until now to do so. The fandom seems pretty much dead now, but just in case anyone's still out there I just wanted to share that I used to make a ton of So Weird fanvids on Youtube until I deleted my account soweirdfan4life for a stupid reason. But now I'm back! I lost most of my old vids and the vids I have seem a lot less awesome now that I'm used to Sony Vegas, but I'm still uploading the old ones on Youtube and if inspiration strikes I might get back some episodes and start vidding it again with Sony Vegas (because Movie Maker is inferior and mean to me).

So in case anyone's interested in seeing old school So Weird vids made before the era of Sony Vegas...

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