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It's So Weird

Fans of the TV show So Weird

So Weird's Live Journal
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This is a place for fans of the Disney Channel Show So Weird to talk about the show, it songs and the themes of the show even your won so weird type experiences

Seems that what I consider to be commonly known LJ etiquette rules are not so common so I am updating the rules to all the communities I run to be more specific about them.

1) No advertising other communities with out permission. No permission will be given to ratings communities or communities that do not deal with the same subject as this one.

2) On topic quizzes are allowed, but if you simply MUST post your personal results to the quiz here, post them in a comment to the original quiz post. Other posts will be deleted.

3) Keep posts on topic. If I the mod do not feel it is on topic enough I will ask for it to be changed or deleted. Please comply with out arguing, if you argue much I will remove you from the community

4) Put long entries, heavily Htmled entries, and massive amounts of pictures behind cuts.

<lj-cut text="Cut off here">  OR   <lj-cut> ... </lj-cut>

5) Respect is a MUST, respect the other members and Respect for the authority of the mods. Repeated disrespect will result in the removal of a person from the community.

6) Please put web address over 40 characters long into a text link. this is because longer ones can mess up peoples friends pages. If you do not know this little bit of HTML here it is
<a href="http://web_page_address_here"> put text here saying what the link goes to </a>
if you still don't understand that, ask.

7) Other Community specific rules not listed here still apply.

8) If asked to do something by the mod. even if it is not listed in the rules, please do so. it simply means you did something that I forgot to list specifically in the rules.

soweirdmusic moderated by parlemer

Community Moderator is softpaw